A gentle reminder…

So it’s been a while since I have uploaded a blog post – things have been so hectic lately, I had to focus on so many things. In the new year, I am partnering with companies to offer sessions on working towards better mental health so that’s taken up my time but let’s not dwell on this too much. In the midst of being so busy – I came up with a gentle reminder or several but I thought id share a few …

You can’t give, what you don’t have. 

I have been working so hard lately and I found that I was running out of time and energy. Now I don’t work this hard for the money, mastering a residual/multiple streams of income helps with that. But working this hard, I recognised that I can only give what I am capable of giving.
People wanted my help with building their business and I didn’t have the time but I definitely had the knowledge. Think of it this way, if someone wanted 20 pieces of fruit and I didn’t have that I couldn’t give them that. So this is a gentle reminder – you cannot give what you don’t have. Which means you cannot ask of something from someone if they do not have it. 

For example…

Someone I worked with, asked me to coach them to be more business-minded and work like I did but that person did not have that in them so you guessed it – they couldn’t give me what they didn’t have. while on this topic though, I want to draw attention to the fact that, it isn’t a bad thing, mainly because what you have to offer the world, it will be enough for the right people.

When is this a bad thing?

The only time where it will be a bad thing is when you as a person expect something that another person is not physically able to give you. Back to the person who wanted to be more business-minded – they were angry at me for physically not being able to coach them to be this person and that was when it was unfair for me, so on a whole, this was when it became a bad thing.

We often fight for love in a partner – we want them to make us happy, they want us to be loving, kind, and supportive. We want them to make us feel less lonely, feel less angry etc.
I supported someone who hated their partner because they were made to feel alone (the partner was always preoccupied on their phone, leaving them feeling lonely and bored in the relationship) and it was apparent that the partner could not give this individual what they wanted. Additionally, the individual was asking something of their partner which the partner was unable to give – does that make sense? So, as I was saying – we cannot give what we don’t have.
So a gentle reminder – work on acquiring more of what you want to give.

As you think, you shall be 

Ok so ask yourself this – what kind of world do you live in? what kind of life do you have? – that’s probably the same way you see many things. Now, this is not a dig – I promise, its a way of building yourself awareness – the only way you can make a difference in your life is to know who you are and where your mindset is at. The law of attraction states this so if you don’t believe me, believe the info I have regurgitated in my reading (I say this while laughing). So a gentle reminder – be kind

There are no justified resentment

Meaning – stop holding resentment! You may be saying – what about when someone did this or this? No. never. You deserve better than to hold resentment. I promise you. Kinda goes hand in hand with number 2. If you’re holding resentment and anger and hurt towards someone or something that’s what you’ll be. Angry, upset negative etc. you deserve better I promise. Your skin, hair nails, health deserves better. Now I get it, I really do, it’s so easy to be angry and hate the world.


I was forced to leave a situation for the good of my health, and after this transition I was complimented often; people were telling me how happy I looked, how positive I was and the change really showed in my physical appearance. When you are in unhealthy situations it shows – your thoughts and environments really mimic in your appearance. So a gentle reminder – let go of the hate and resentment and glow from within – especially you fellas; I know its harder for you fellas to deal with inside thoughts but you got this!!

To conclude

There are more ‘gentle reminders’ I can offer you but, let’s be honest these haven’t been as gentle as they could have been – some thought-provoking things here… but make sure you let go of hate, acquire what you want to give and think positive happy prosperous thoughts – glow from within.

A reminder – we are here to listen so if there’s anything you think ‘I need to speak to someone about this, drop us an email and let’s chat – we got you!!

Take care

Good Karma Club

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