Lockdown – Can I do this again?

So…. First of all, let’s answer the question ‘lockdown – can I do this again…  yes, you can do this!! You did the first one, didn’t you?! 

While this one is shorter (as it stands) I’m getting the sense that you are more worried about December lockdown, than you were about the last one… but let’s explore some positives about this one 

Enjoy the daylight 

Repeat after me………Lockdown, can I do this again? Yes because I can enjoy the daylight….I’m not going to bore you with the benefits of natural daylight but you can find more information here. So, I hear you saying, what’s she talking about this is why I am worried… Well, don’t be. Going into the second lockdown you will be able to enjoy more of the natural daylight when daylight hours are limited which is something to look forward too. The reason why our mood dips in the winter, has a lot to do with lack of natural daylight. We discuss the benefits of negative ions have on our mood in our overcoming negativity blog post

Connect with loved ones

Don’t fall into the trap of feeling isolated because you are not alone on feeling a little crappy and not wanting to speak to anyone. The last lockdown I was told by someone ‘everyone is at peace because its lockdown you should be too’ but actually the people I spoke to, the majority struggled… I did too tbh. When you think about struggling, it may range from feeling deflated to being bed-bound. Don’t give yourself a hard time; you got this! 

Repeat after me again… Lockdown, can I do this again? I GOT THIS!!!

When you feel like ‘I wish she’d shut up; I don’t ‘got this’ make a list of people who make you feel better using this worksheet. Stay connected!!

Focus on your goals 

So, regardless of if you love your job or hate your job, it gets in the way of your dreams sometimes. Take this month (maybe longer) to focus on how you can work on your goals – this should ignite excitement and make you feel like anything is possible! What have you been wishing you can do but don’t have the time to do?!

Although this blog post is short, it aims to help you take the time to really think about how you can look after yourselves. I know lockdown is shit, and the uncertainty is making you more and more worried but you survived the first one. We will be on the other side of this soon. So lastly… Repeat after me again… Lockdown, can I do this again? HELL YEAH, I GOT THIS!!!

Stay safe

Rugi x

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