How to stop taking things so personally

How to stop taking things personally – taking something personally means that someone has a habit of taking things as insults when the intention wasn’t to insult. We encounter people regularly and encountering people, well people are full of opinions. Taking things personally and having people full of opinions, I mean that’s definitely a recipe for disaster right? Well then let’s build some resilience.

Benefits of avoiding taking things personally

Here are some benefits of stopping taking things personally:

So let’s get into how to stop taking things so personally

1. Stop jumping immediately to conclusions

Stop thinking, stop overthinking, stop jumping to conclusions, stop letting it bother you. It is not worth your mental health or your peace – you matter! If in doubt lean on a friend or a family member – they will let you know if you’re being rational or not!

2. Learn how to forgive

Oprah says it – forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself. one thing I have learnt is no one is worth the consequence of holding a grudge. I was in a circumstance which meant I was defensive, on edge and negative which resulted in my skin being dull and life was literally exhausting. Since forgiving and focusing on self-love – things have been different in the best way.

3. Take a deep breath

Take a moment – sometimes it’s not even as deep as it seems. It’s easy to lose yourself in a downward spiral of negative thoughts but pause for a moment, or maybe a day…

4. Stop worrying what others think of you

I know its easier said than done. I know there may be someone out there who is painting you as the bad guy but honestly let it be. I like to encourage the notion – leave people feeling better than they did when you first met them. Your character is important and the people you spend the most time with.

5. Understand your value

You matter! That is all… you matter more than anything any one could think of you, say to you, or portray you as!

6. Be open to constructive criticism

Criticism isn’t always a bad thing – I am the strong woman I am today because I discuss the criticism and work on them – I want to be the best version of myself so this was more important than taking things personally

7. Don’t stoop to their level

Haters gone hate baby… No seriously Gary Vaynerchuk says

When someone is awful to you, remember the level of pain someone has to be in to commit an act of unkindness. I genuinely have compassion and sympathy for many that attack me most

Leave them be – you deserve healing.

8. Try to sympathize with others

If someone is in a tough situation, try to put yourself in their shoes. Although this is by no means an excuse for their actions, it’s a good habit to try and see where others are coming from.

Even though we’re all human beings and we all have different opinions on everything, try and see something from someone else’s point of view

All in all…

People come with opinions – you are not a reflection of what they think, you are a reflection of what you do

Best Wishes


Good Karma Club x

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